Institutional Greenhouses

We service many Institutional Facilities. Schools of all levels, high schools and college universities.
If your facility has a need for a greenhouse for your property please contact us today!

Options for Institutional Greenhouses

• Aluminum or Steel (hot dip galvanized after fabrication) Structure
• Aluminum Framing
• Single or Double Ridge Vents
• Side Vents

• 8mm or 16mm EVONIK ACRYLITE Acrylic Sheets
• 8mm, 16mm, or Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet
• Laminated, Tempered and IGU Glass
• Insulated Panels

• Environmental Control Systems
• Exhaust Fans
• HAF Fans
• Evaporative Cooling
• Fogging Systems
• Shade/Heat Retention Systems
• Blackout Curtain Systems
• Insect Screens
• Grow Lights
• Irrigation: Drip or Misting
• Benches: Rolling or Stationary

Gallery of Greenhouses