Research Facilities Greenhouses

We can design your next plan for your Research Facilities Greenhouse. look over the many greenhouses that we have designed and built for our clients.  Contact us today!

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Options for Research Facilities Greenhouses

• Aluminum or Steel (hot dip galvanized after fabrication) Structure
• Aluminum Framing
• Single or Double Ridge Vents
• Side Vents

• 8mm or 16mm EVONIK ACRYLITE Acrylic Sheets
• 8mm, 16mm, or Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet
• Laminated, Tempered and IGU Glass
• Insulated Panels

• Environmental Control Systems
• Exhaust Fans
• HAF Fans
• Evaporative Cooling
• Fogging Systems
• Shade/Heat Retention Systems
• Blackout Curtain Systems
• Insect Screens
• Grow Lights
• Irrigation: Drip or Misting
• Benches: Rolling or Stationary

Gallery of Greenhouses